Our Scheme

Think Strategic flexible

Our knowhow throughout more than four decades in marine market will ensure thorough-understanding of your particular needs from small parts to entire machinery. Upon client's consent, we strategically analyze client's needs using multiple approaches. With our abundant business and technical experience, we flexibly source the best advantageous selection to client.

Our Business

We are of the following business

DAI-ICHI KOEKI CO.,LTD. (DACK) is focusing technical data obtained through 40 years experiences on supply of marine machinery and spares reinforced by frequent meeting with supervisor of vessel and conclude advantagiours solution including despatching service engineer from manufacturere.

Sales and Servicing Activity

  • Machinery and spare parts supply for offshore-rigm general ship,,gas carrier and FPSO with technical advicing and despatching service enginer
  • PPM activity during Drydock and Shut-down with despatching Engineer and pre-inspection arrange
  • Machinery and parts supply to offshore upstream market
  • Pre-inspection of machinery installed on energy-carriers, bulk carrier, and FPSO, FSO and FRS and retorifit job during shut-down
  • Techical advice of Ship's electrical equipment
  • Sales of deck machineries to new shipbuilding.